The Dermis

  • Posted on October 31, 2013 at 2:38 am

In cosmetology this method was applied after the invention of a special electrode (maniples), which limited the depth of penetration of radio frequencies. Most of the energy was absorbed by the dermis (2-3 mm) and hypodermis. Instead of the metal electrode was used an electrode coated with special semiconductor. There are monopolar and bipolar techniques. In devices operating on the principle of a unipolar, working handpiece is one electrode or pole, and the second electrode is superimposed on untreated area. In this case, current flows between the manipulation and the second electrode. Tissues are heated evenly and there is no risk of burns.

In devices operating on the bipolar principle in working manipulations built just two electrode or pole. The current in this case occurs only within the cutaneous projection maniples and does not extend to other areas. This allows you to work out deep wrinkles and folds. Radio-frequency radiation alters structure of collagen fibers, disrupting the hydrogen bonds in collagen. Fibers immediately reduced in volume, there is seal skin (rapid effect). In subsequent months (approximately 6 months), there progression effect.

This effect persists up to 2 years. Among other things, stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, which is accompanied by synthesis of new collagen and an increase in the density of the dermis. Due to this much skin smoothed, its laxity decreases, causing visible and obvious effect, like lifting. The use of radio frequency method. Indications: 1. Face: wrinkles and skin folds. 2. Body: cellulite, sagging abdominal wall, shoulders, buttocks, neck, stretch marks (the most effective up to 5 years).

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