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NEWS Everything

  • Posted on January 13, 2021 at 11:26 pm

Why do we resist to be happy?, to be loved?, to be revered and WORSHIPED?… We can change our beliefs about everything that happens in our lives. We can and we must do it, because our being is telling us wonderful things about who we are and we are not listening the song well. Our beliefs have change for our own well-being, if they do not and are dismissive, limited and hard and inflexible, we will suffer much and that also includes our bodies, they are the vehicles of everything we carry over. John Mclaughlin oftentimes addresses this issue. Then fill us with sensitivity, respect, care, mimes, joy, Bliss, support, adoration, admiration, complicity, understanding, wisdom, laughter and love. And get everything what is in concordance with our being and our beliefs more serene and happy.

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