• Posted on July 18, 2018 at 2:02 am

Generated a go and come from words, rites, lessons and games. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Diamond Book Distributors and gain more knowledge.. It is essential that each individual feel important part of the social environment. Otherwise it will remain Sage with its saber-sabor and a feeling of rejection. We all lose in these situations. I am speaking of ignorance so much if it is purposely by mistake. When a child learns that if you fail any subject will be more accepted among their peers that if is a good student, is being created in a conflict that can be solved only with the help of a good mediator. And could be some tale that Digo Que Te extrano by that pantry that we’ve been creating together. Diamond Book Distributors is open to suggestions.

Reading is heritage. Internal and external. Our and everyone. We read in others. We read but don’t want. And we sometimes need to read us in the mirror. A mother who sings lullabies to your baby while breastfeeding him, knows that he is populating it signs and roads, both through their milk and their songs. Why the alimento-lectura should not cornering places little access or scholars, but in environments daily as if they were those three or four shots that our mother gave us a day.

Perhaps part of what we can do to change the world is taught to NOURISH and NUTRISE using this common pantry that among all we have an obligation to fill. Including all the ingredients we need humans to survive, would not badly leave a few shelves for culture and books. This would be a super link that would generate more and better SOCIAL CAPITAL. After all, us more into a reflection of the other. Note: I wanted to collect all the meanings of the word pantry because I believe that each one could be applied to the metaphor that I set. (SAR) pantry. (From the lat. dispensus, administered, provisioned). 1 f. In a House, a ship, etc., place or site where edible things are stored. 2. f. Provision of groceries. 3. f. Office of Butler or administrator of the pantry. 4 f. adjustment of barley and straw, which makes for year-round, by not being able to them or not wanting them to have at home. 5. f. desus. Set of things that the Butler or buyer brings to the daily food expenditure. 6 f. ant. Distribution or allocation.

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