Site Knowledge

  • Posted on March 13, 2021 at 11:18 am

Be prepared to comment on such things and to prepare case studies. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Think accomplishments. Be ready to tell more about your best qualities and deftly avoid the discussion of weaknesses. Warn your referees that they can call (and that they should respond). 2. Inquire about employing company.

Absolutely! First examine the site of the company. Browse through business magazines. Identify a place in the market, competitive advantage, know the basic products and services, names of executives. Then asked to search engine company's name and see a dozen or two options: a mention in the press, links, press releases, financial reports. Gather as much information about future employer.

Know and remember the name and telephone number person with whom you will communicate. 3. Zouch and serrate. The more you learn about your potential place of work, the more confident you feel in an interview. Knowledge – force. Knowledge of the company will give you greater confidence in behavior and in their responses. You know everything about them! Knowledge of products, names, and company news produces an extremely positive impression and presents you as a concerned and active candidates. Know and remember the name and telephone number of the person whom you will communicate. 4. Rehearse your interview. How can you rehearse the play, which scenario do not know? Write it yourself! "Here you have a list of our questions.." "And here's a list of my answers!" The most extended ones for the interview questions you can easily find on the Internet.

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