Silvio Berlusconi

  • Posted on May 18, 2016 at 12:02 am

6. Project area reform: the economic and political Crisis background 6.1 is the background of the reform approach of the Italian economic system for thirty years in the crisis. Extensive privatization took place since the early of 1980s, but has not succeeded in the realignment of of the State the economic co player on a regulatory role.x after the system fracture of the party constellation a strong bourgeois regionalism showed at times in Northern Italy. Market economy, ideology distance, liberalism and communitarianism, promote private investment and small and medium-sized enterprises under were his priorities.xi in the party system over twenty years of crisis, the regional identities are grown and decreased the binding force of the national parties. Almost all Italian parties of national significance are start-ups since the implosion of the party system by 1992/93. The Movimento Cinque lost this year’s election from the stand at 27% site (CS) with the cabaret artist, Beppe Grillo, as Chairman in a sense more figurehead was until 2005.

The main party of the centre left spectrum, the Partito Democratico (PD), is the applied successor successor party to the former Communists; their political orientation remains between Social Democrat and linksliberal unclear, so that she can no longer connect to its strong early dating of the olive tree (ulivo) coalition. The formation of the Government and thus the prospect of four years of stability under the leadership of the now-retired PD leader Pierluigi Bersani playful after the election of February 25, despite a majority in the National Assembly by the amateurish machinations CS and PD. The forms by Silvio Berlusconi in the expiring year dominated Popolo della Liberta(PdL), like its predecessor Forza Italia of an Association for administrative and mandate distribution and strong cult of the figurehead. As a whole, all three of the major parties remain programmatically weak. Also the Government of Enrico Letta (PD) with the participation of the PdL, makes with the repeatedly condemned Berlusconi as still identity-giving head, an extremely unstable leadership of the Country.

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