Same Well

  • Posted on April 16, 2021 at 7:48 pm

Above of umbigo or below of it? – Superficially, it is clearly, well over it. – It has two ribbons, if it uses above of umbigo, is small serves to hold. What it is that knows more to you on this part? Hat, right? – Not, not, not well, it has two balls thus – It has two ribbons, if it uses above of umbigo, it serves to hold, it is well small has two balls. – Man also uses this part, young man? – In way some, young. The man does not have the necessary ingredients for this. – He serves to hold what exactly, the seios? – This exactly, senhorita. It serves to hold that exactly.

– That exactly, not, young man. They are called seios. It must be looking soutian to you. – It made right. It is this same thing. The senhorita can order to wrap up that I go to lead. – It waits there.

Mr. cannot take this part thus. He has that to know the number. Of the opposite he can buy a greater, a minor. Which is the number? One became angry now. How it is that it was to forget the number that one cursed whose? – It must be 97. – 97 not, young man. This number does not exist. This soutian is for a young woman or a cow? – It is clearly that it is for a young woman. Where it is that soutian for cow was seen? – Then. It must be a well lesser number. It waits there that I go to search some. – Here they are. It is more or less thus? I can try in Mr. – In me, not, senhorita. Still more in the way of this povo. – How it is that I go to make then? It waits there. The young woman has the same stature that mine? – Yes, she is more or less as the senhorita. It caught one soutian and tried in same it. – This part under my seio Holds you here. – And and I? – Same Mr., is not you that he wants soutian? With very cost it put the hand under the left arm of it and held a tip of soutian. – He is well thus back in it? – Yes, senhorita. Thus it is very well. – Then he is this same. Arrived at a final conclusion, it bought two soon and it gave a tip to the young woman. It asked for excuses and it left never more promising to buy feminine close clothes.

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