Russian Post Service

  • Posted on February 22, 2021 at 10:48 pm

If you want your car to look stylish and beautiful, you will need to supplement it with trendy accessories. These are the frame under the number of mirror polished stainless steel. Our company produces and sells frames for car registration numbers in St. Petersburg. Frames are made of a number of mirror polished stainless steel produced in Russia. We offer: – avtoramki mirror polished stainless steel rectangular shape – the car frame number of stainless steel with an inscription from our catalog or in your personal logo – a number of framework stainless steel with rounded corners – painted in white or black-colored steel frame under the number. Michael Chabon understands that this is vital information.

And that's not all! Learn about our products please visit the website or calling us. The design and installation of the framework. Our license plate frames are suitable for almost any type of vehicle. The design of robust framework and will not allow to fall out of state registration number. Rubber spacers on the substrate is firmly held in room design, not allowing him to rattle, at the same time serve as a gasket between the coating and the metal car frame. Fixing screws are located beneath the front panel frame, prevents the license number of the Vandals. The frame number of stainless steel as a souvenir. You are puzzled over what to give to a friend or a friend's birthday, your favorite person on a joint holiday or a colleague for an anniversary? Frame Road number of stainless steel may be an unusual stylish gifts for any, even the experienced motorist.

This certainly gives soul frame, a neat and finished look to the envy of the rest of the car! Delivery We will deliver your avtoramki stainless steel, at any time for you to anywhere in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Can send the products to other cities in the Russian Post Service or EMS. For example, only 7 days a parcel will reach numbered frames or Surgut Tyumen … Make your car a bright and stylish!

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