Russian Camp

  • Posted on August 9, 2017 at 4:18 pm

For the same reason we are trying to figure out the cost of “training”. In addition to the monthly (weekly, daily) cost of the process, we want to know it duration. Additional information is available at Dr. Mark Hyman. If in at the camp session lasts 3 hours, and in another 4 hours, then the outcome in the other we get 2 hours a day more per week for 12 hours, etc., and hence not a fact that he was the Camp Muaythai offering price for the exercise or less per month – cheaper. At the same time listen to the body and decide whether we need to train 8 hours (4 * 2) per day. Trying to find out about Camp where it left off important things for us. For example – that the equipment is there, How many coaches and students (important relationship coach / student – we do not knowingly tude going, we want to make us more and pay attention) that you take with you, but what there is, in general, all that could have significance for us. All this can be found by e-mail with a phone if they are certainly there. If you respond quickly, a good sign, apparently they are well-organized. Also on site too, can say a lot as far as organized camp. Although the site – too far from everything I’ve written below – Camp Por Pramuk Muay Thai has a great site, much of what is written there – rubbish (part of the English text translated into an automatic translator, so there is nothing to see another part of stupid copied from the site of Camp Horayzn – even the name of the Camp is not removed. One can only guess – prices too somewhere copied or they still have? ) Well, a very important part of the “intelligence” – is typed into a search engine the name of Camp (in English, the Russian did not) and trying to read the reviews on the forums.

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