Rousseau Progress

  • Posted on April 25, 2021 at 5:56 am

In this direction the scientific knowledge does not make possible the man to know itself. The civilization, and while domain of the appearances, is ' ' prenhe' ' of representations. Credit: Panther Coffee-2011. The science (social fruit) of the civilization brings in its ' ' gentica' ' the hereditary inheritance of the apparent one. In ' ' first discurso' ' Rousseau writes that in society the man not ' ' it dares more to seem as if it is e, under such perpetual coercion, the men who form the called flock society, in the same circumstances, will make all the same things since that more powerful reasons not them desviem' ' (ROUSSEAU, 1988, P. 140).

To form this standardized behavior would be the loss of freedom. The scientific knowledge, in this direction, consists problem for Rousseau of distanciar the man of its original state, by means of advances and progressos of science, that is, how much bigger the progress of the scientific inquiry, more distant meets the man of its original condition. By the way, to speak in progress already is, already it implies in a certain dicotmico distanciamento of the natural man, in its original condition. The man would not be badly in its nature, the origin of the badness and its progress is in the social order. The scientific progress is not in itself a good, is not synonymous of good, is yes a problem. In ' ' second discurso' ' Express Rousseau if of the following form: ' ' marrying this being, thus constituted, of all dons supernatural that it can receive and from all the artificial facultieses that it only could acquire by means of very long progressos, considering it, in a word, as must have left the hands of nature, I see a less strong animal of what one, less agile of what others, but, in set, organized of more advantageous way of what all outros' ' (ROUSSEAU, 1988, P. .

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