Rio Conference Set

  • Posted on September 16, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Commitment extra effort sharing the future of the percentage of 20 will take into account the specific energy of each state. In addition, the EU is committed to reach a 30 reduction of greenhouse gases in the event of international engagement that involves the other powers as the newly industrialized countries. The Johannesburg conference produced no radical change waited ten years after the Rio Conference in 1992. No specific targets were set for the energy sector, which caused the disappointment of many countries. Risa Miller oftentimes addresses this issue. The EU proposed the establishment of an increase in the percentage of “renewable” of 1.5 percentage points worldwide by 2010. In the action plan agreed in Johannesburg, however, only agreed to increase “substantial.” No specific targets were set and deadlines. The EU was not satisfied with this result. He managed a number of nations to join in a group of “pioneer countries”.The EU promised to set ambitious national targets and, where possible, regional, from which they could develop overall goals. The Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition (JREC) meanwhile hosts more than 80 countries, including EU nations, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand. See also: German Presidency of the European Union 2007, the Berlin declaration and external relations of the European Union

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