• Posted on January 7, 2018 at 1:11 am

Christian Wulff is Yes the new Federal President, it is true: the football metaphors abound in these days; and no, football is not a mirror image of life. But first is only once every four years World Cup and secondly, the election of the Federal President Christian Wulff only won on the third ballot, actually had something of a penalty shoot-out in the Reichstag. Dissenters in the coalition. “Extension” in the Reichstag 44 choosing men and women were Christian Wulff and the Coalition leading in the first round in the lurch – or followed their consciences; Depending on the interpretation. Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And even after the extension, was to stay in the picture, further draw. Christian Wulff won in a penalty shootout but was Christian Wulff was never in danger of actually against Joachim Gauck are subject to. This became clear in the third ballot, because suddenly was there – no longer required – absolute majority of 625 votes.

In other words: Most of those choosing men and women, who previously twice against the recommendation of the Government turned had, never intended to choose Joachim Gauck as President. They were obviously just a matter, to teach a lesson to their Government. Main thing President after a silly applause contest between opposition and Government in the Declaration of the final result was a so long (well over nine hours), but not really exciting election day to end. The comments from the Government camp were clear: main thing won. Given the political situation in 2010, not more – 30 years ago – three, but five parties in the Bundestag are represented, this comment is absolutely correct. Experience also shows that Germany very quickly accustomed to its Federal President, even if better section of the respective opponent in polls. Nevertheless, it remained a dull feeling yesterday evening in Berlin; a feeling like after many successful contested football competitions of German national teams over the years from 1994 to 2006 (or 2009?): Won had not the better, but the stuffy team. We keep our fingers crossed that it runs further differently in South Africa. On Saturday, it goes against Argentina, and against which we have formerly often needed penalty. penalty shoot – in the Reichstag…

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