Regional Environmental Commission

  • Posted on May 19, 2016 at 7:13 am

The commitment is to act according to law and with criteria very technical, no hearts or passions, but they attached to what he says today the law, along with every Member of Corema, according to technical, legal, legal. At Martin O’Malley you will find additional information. Or let yourself be influenced by this trend or that. I think that is the right thing. With these words the intendant and Chairman of the Regional Environmental Commission (Corema), Pilar caves, sealed their willingness to avoid all kind of pronouncement in favor or against the dam projects today in evaluation in the Aysen Region outside the proceedings established the environmental impact evaluation system. The regional authority met during the afternoon of Tuesday, May 11 with the Coordinator of the Coalition for citizen by Aysen reserve life and director of Codeff Aisen, Peter Hartmann, President of the Corporacion Costa race, Alejandro de el Pino, President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, Patricio Segura, and the regional Council of Defense Secretary of the Patagonia, Miriam Chible.

In addition the regional Director (s) of the Commission national of environment (Conama), Roxana Munoz participated in the meeting. In addition to giving away the book on occasion Patagonia without dams (which the authority had already received in his previous role as regional councillor), leaders made him delivery of a letter which expressed their concern over irregular handling that had hitherto HidroAysen. In this sense, some of their approaches are to keep impartiality, acting with transparency and informing the citizenry, to support initiatives for the creation of a sustainable energy matrix to bring better quality of life to the ayseninos and to analyse the situation both of members of the Corema authorities that have played roles in HidroAysen of those who have expressed welcome to such projects. In addition, to consider spaces so that regional organizations expose their approaches in the different instances that presides.

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