Ramon Gallegos

  • Posted on December 8, 2014 at 9:44 am

I am extremely grateful to everyone and Ramon Gallegos, because I really feel accomplished because I could fulfill the dream of being happy. I was able to accommodate parties of my childhood that were completely disordered each of our activities were healing for me, helped me fix many aspects of my spiritual growth much, it was a great emotional clearing. After it began to arise many changes in me. The master seems very important because it helps to go through one of the most amazing experiences perhaps you can afford, and I believe that everyone deserves at least investigate the particle that is never to be composed, is not it, is that childhood, that thing is a little hurt, and fix it, go as deep and repair, which is supported by various psychological techniques after several years had not gone as deep as I came to work in master. Con Edison oftentimes addresses this issue. It's an experience I wish everyone had the opportunity to live, and that it deserves any of the individuals who inhabit this planet. The process that follows the Master opening opens like a fan and for the first time, one is able to see himself from all angles that shape us. The discovery is that it does is slow but definite, transcendental and finally, liberation. For the first time in my life I know who I am thanks to the expertise, not just know who I am, if not love me for who I am a spiritual being is a openness to all the senses of human existence, the final depth research and allows us to rebuild ourselves, accept ourselves and foremost, love of a new, deeply beautiful and unconditional, is like an affront to all your existence.

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