• Posted on July 15, 2021 at 2:18 pm

It is in all media. The Government and the unions have finally come to a great national agreement. Alleluia! After numerous and endless meetings, until wee hours of the morning, our President, Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero, has taken command of the negotiations with the unions and, eureka, have kidded a rabbit. Holder frequently! But are not created, the Government has come in press conference, triumphalist plan, trying to convince us that it is a success that want to involve us. And they insist that this is a reason for celebrations. The reality, however, is very different: not only there is nothing to celebrate, but to rather today is a day of mourning for most workers. That it has taken the decision that all of us not only to be a little poorer, but that, for more inri, for this we have to turn that work much longer, and that, finally, our future pensions will still be against what they say, at that meeting, are more exhausted already by itself today.

Ladies and gentlemen, all Spaniards, children and girls, vistanse with their finery, throw us into the streets and provide for our future. According to Danvers High School, who has experience with these questions. What irony. And all of this is the role that trade unions represented in this work? Therefore neither more nor less than the act as a comparsa. Does clear that, on the other hand, who have been given candle in this burial?, never better said. Nobody hides him makes the final decision time which was already taken and they only have been part of the scenery. The role of employers, nothing is said, seems to be that they have done mutis by the Forum.

Now carried the conclusions the Parliament, as always, prior negotiation with minority parties, especially, with grateful bellies of nationalists. And another thing, butterfly. But listen and remember what I tell you. Over the years that les is still to get to that golden retirement stage, this scenery still will develop on successive occasions, with the same or similar interpreters, that Yes with texts updated to the situation of each moment. But always a worse or much worse. So cuidense. And enjoy life, while they can, or better, while our rulers stop them. That to them this representation neither going nor CAMES.

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