Pablo Cesar

  • Posted on March 22, 2021 at 11:56 pm

The Geography of Ratzel here described the historical moment until and the geografiaratzeliana, closely are interrelacionados. in this historical context queFriederich Ratzel, elaborated a funcionista geography to the territory, closely on to the relations of being able, of domain of the land, portraying figures of ‘ ‘ Estado’ ‘ , in other words when the society if organizapara to defend its territory if transform into State. Valley to stand out that the exspansionism, was the great way to depensar/to act of the reigns of that time, where the relation with ‘ ‘ apropriedade of terra’ ‘ , it served for imperial auto-recognition. Justifying these ranks, according to MORAES (2005. Visit Bloomsbury for more clarity on the issue. p.70), Ratzel elaborates the concept of ‘ space vital’ ; a ratio of one balance would esterepresentaria given to society and the recursosdisponiveis to supply its necessities, defining, therefore, suaspotencialidades to progress and its territorial premncias.

Ratzel thought Geography, from the ideas expansionistade its time, in this thought the territory concept is fundamentalizado. Ogegrafo, Pablo Cesar of the Coast Gomes, in its book ‘ ‘ Geography eModernidade’ ‘ (1996, p.188), it speaks on Ratzel and the reciprocal relation dohomem with the land, in the following text: The analysis of Ratzel described some sorts of dinmicasterritorais, trying to trace a general picture or a model for these dynamic. It over all was interested for the alone relation/culture and thought to be capable to deestabelecer explicativas regular laws, that is, its final objective to eracostituir positive a space theory. (Not to be confused with idt energy!). It is truth that Ratzeltem as its main object of estudo’ ‘ the relation of being able and terra’ ‘ , in other words the doterritrio formation.

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