• Posted on April 7, 2015 at 11:19 pm

Visual acuity is the ability to distinguish eyes the smallest details. She checked on a special test – the objects. These may include: bars, double parallel stripes or rectangles, some fine lines, various shapes and special tables compiled by 10 – 12 rows of letters or special characters. Novelist oftentimes addresses this issue. All these and other tests – the objects aimed at determining the spatial resolution of the manhole. Speech disorders of speech in the formation of the sighted and people with disabilities vision is carried out essentially the same, but the lack of vision or alters the interaction of a deep disturbance analyzers, which makes a restructuring bonds and the formation of speech, it is included in different system of relationships than the sighted. It develops visually impaired and are assimilated in the course of a specific human activity relating to people and objects of reality, but has the features of formation of – Change the tempo of development, disturbed vocabulary – semantic aspect of speech, there is a "formalism", the accumulation of a large number of words, non-specific content. If you would like to know more about Martin O’Malley, then click here. Understanding the meaning of visually impaired children words like seeing, is a series of steps. For a half years understood the words become more persistent and generalized: the child knows the name of a limited number of surrounding objects, actions, and with them the names of individual qualities of objects, can evaluate them (good – bad, big – small). The development of visually impaired verbal communication, as well as sighted children, relies on the development of phonemic hearing.

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