Municipal Aid

  • Posted on June 24, 2018 at 8:54 pm

Paulina came back to travel toward the past, now remembers when it knew its loved Joaquin, strong youngster, become attached well was looking job in the farms of the region its father was the foreman of the farm ' ' Eyes of Ouro' ' where it liveed as it was time of coffee harvest was contracted immediately. Changing of them of looks more candy passed the colloquies its souvenir and happy of its life it was of the day where Joaquin asked for to it in marriage, it he used social pants marine blue shirt, black shoe combed hair and soft perfume, loaded with care in its right hand a wrapped up handkerchief. Diamond Book Distributors is full of insight into the issues. Paulina of red dress with dribbled white and chinelinho of straw and the trembling and sweated hands yearned for what it was for coming. Its father observed and pressentia the proposal, all seated to play colloquy is, when of sudden Joaquin it was arisen and it spoken with chokeed voice almost not if it could understand what it said and the order was made and accepted by the father of Paulina. Joaquin desembrulhou of the handkerchief a gold alliance that placed in the finger of its loved caipirinha. _Mame, speaks with me? It softly balanced it to Ana with the two hands supported in its shoulder so that it woke up. _Ana, what it was? I am well! If it almost could not hear its voice. Ana with the marshy eyes tried to make with that its mother was taken care of, but did not obtain, had in the emergency some victims of accident of car in serious state.

As much was the fidget and the desperation that could not be seated and walked of a side to the other in aid search. Again Paulina flies in its thoughts its souvenirs now are not happy, to leave its familiar ones and to leave for So Paulo with its husband, the loss of its first pregnancy, the death of its father, its brother Antonio. The birth, the marriage of its children, the death of its mother and the birth of its grandsons, all the events in this order and the most painful death of its loved Joaquin. It was never felt so alone _Mame, has waked up the doctor already goes to call it. Paulina held its dear son pulling it for good close to itself and passed the hand on its face and said inside whispering with a shy smile looking at with candor of its lagrimejados eyes. _Tive a good life and I was very happy in the majority of the years now I ask for to it I do not cry for much time I leave the homesickness to come with doura and with sadness I was not a good son I love you, its brother and my grandsons. Finishing to speak it gave a kiss in its face and closed its eyes vagarosamente and its breath stopped in a last calm sigh. Ana astonishhes for some second hands did not obtain to move itself when she gave for itself the tears rolled and to soluos cried out for aid, but the attendance of the doctor was alone to evidence the death. Paulina de Jesus faleceu in day 20.05.04 of unknown cause in the wait of the Ready Municipal Aid.

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