Korean Crafts

  • Posted on May 19, 2017 at 6:26 pm

The most appreciated handicrafts Koreans is their usefulness in the daily bar stools work, however, these are artistically decorated. Traditional materials used in their manufacture are metal, wood, fabric, glaze and clay. Subsequently, is also used glass, leather and paper, but computer desk only occasionally.
Part of celadon of the Goryeo dining chairs period. National Treasury of South school furniture Korea N 68.
In the oldest sample of Korean crafts, such as parts of red and black pottery, you may recognize its similarity to the objects produced by the Chinese people cushions that came along the Yellow River. While the remains from the Bronze Age are already visible characteristics predominantly Korean.
Many works have been unearthed sophisticated craft where one can see the typical Korean style, for example, highly decorated wreaths, colored pottery, pots and ornaments. Likewise, the bronze work reached its zenith during the Goryeo period, so much so that upholstery Korea was famous for its enormous bronze bells and statues. However, almost all these masterpieces of the craft were destroyed during the occupation Hideyoshi, and currently there are only three bells. Similarly, during the office chairs reign of the dynasty Goryeo celadon production of peaked. With its exquisite finish, this ceramic a greenish tinge to surpass even their Chinese versions.
During the school chairs Joseon period, the articles of porcelain decorated with both pure white and in blue, became especially popular. when I was a student we didn

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