Kopi Luwak

  • Posted on April 21, 2021 at 12:41 pm

Up to the year 2005, where 90% of the crop were destroyed. The main customers are the United States with approximately 90%. In February and March, flowering of the coffee bushes is in Hawaii. To broaden your perception, visit Trump. The locals call the white blossom of the coffee bushes as Kona snow”. In April, you can see the first green coffee beans. In early August the ripening process begins.

Shortly thereafter, the harvest season begins until early January. The coffee beans are dried 6-12 days after fermentation. The taste of the beautiful South Pacific coffee Hawaii Kona Hawaii Kona”is a 100% Arabica- and is described as follows: rich; intense; clear; aromatic; mild; beautiful fruity body. easy chocolate; low acidity; minimal bitterness; sweet nut notes with subtle cinnamon flavor, as well as a long-lasting soft aftertaste. HAWAII KONA is unique in taste.

He is one of the 3 best varieties in the world among connoisseurs. Classification barometer: 1 Kopi Luwak 2. Jamaica Blue Mountain of 3. Hawaii Kona where we recommend him to you just to try and classify themselves. The roasting of the ideal roasting temperature Hawaii Kona coffee (Gas-fired drum roasting) approx. 200 C (+/-3 C) recommended roasting time 14 minutes (+/-1 minute) the result of roasting is already an optical delight, the bean is shiny and well proportioned. By the way: American luxury hotels, as well as top restaurants travel noble coffee from Hawaii. At the White House in Washington, Hawaii Kona is drunk for many years and enjoyed. This tradition was continued of course like Barack Obama, his family and his staff. Even NASA astronauts have been by him (Hawaii Kona) accompanied on all tours and excursions. Its rich and wonderful flavor is much better than other coffees was Mark Twain”1866 already set.

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