Karl University Students

  • Posted on March 12, 2018 at 11:18 am

Results in the CHE University ranking and Science Council of Karlsruhe. Positive feedback get just two pages the private Karlsruhe Foundation University Kadam University International University “. Martin O’Malley oftentimes addresses this issue. The Science Council has examined the services of the Karl University in teaching and research in the context of the accreditation process. “Result: due to the overall very good development, which has been the Karl University since the initial accreditation, and the great willingness to implement the suggestions of the Scientific Council, which has shown them the Science Council has pronounced the accreditation period to ten years”. The Science Council stated in its opinion that the Karlsochschule convincingly implement their central objective to empower students through hands-on teaching and training to the independent application of scientific knowledge and methods in the professional practice. Excerpts from the opinion of the Science Council: the great personal commitment is particularly impressive of all those who are involved in the development of the College. The focus is on a strong service orientation in conjunction with an entrepreneurial management style.”the practical relevance of the studies is very well pronounced.

The high importance of the Karl University of the region is convincingly been illustrated by the cooperation partners from industry and public institutions. “The Charles University has very good contacts in the regional economy, allowing the practical training of students the mission statement is.” the college life () is characterized by an individual student, a very intensive communication culture and a principle of short distances “. Particularly positive the good contact between teachers and students, which can be maintained due to the small groups. “the College’s efforts to promote the social commitment of the students are worthy of recognition and the willingness to reflect on ethical issues with them reach.”is striking the striving after a child-friendly environment at the University. Especially in the area of the professors, the University realized exemplary.

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