Gustav Zygmund

  • Posted on October 29, 2021 at 10:56 am

A computer for example has various power saving features must be activated first. Here is a sleep mode for the monitor, as well as for the PC that automatically enable themselves can be if you’re not afraid, very much. A washing machine can more than double save, once washed the clothes with 40, instead of 60. Also in the kitchen, there may be power guzzler, you can stop with the right tips. The fridge is about leaking, it cools the kitchen with. The temperature is below 7 C, then you wasted energy unnecessarily. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Arnell.

Not too close he stands on a heater? When cooking, as is the cover on the pot so that the energy does not escape. Check also on the size of the pots, which should be not less or greater than the Hob. Tea boiling a kettle is just right, because it saves lot of power compared to pots. It followed all the tips, the consumption of some devices is however still unsatisfactory, then only a new acquisition can help. Step 4 – new acquisition of household appliances in many cases pays off the purchase of new equipment after a certain time. The fridge is about old and inefficient, it may in the year really expensive be.

There are even small refrigerators with a low consumption from 120 kWh a year. This is a very good value. You have still an old CRT TVs, then switching to an LCD might be worth device (in a similar format). Light bulbs should be replaced with energy-saving bulbs, because they save up to 80% electricity. An LCD monitor of the same size is more efficiently than a CRT monitor. It can be changed so much. Obviously much depends on the purse. You have inefficient devices and can now afford any new, maybe a few tips to help. Otherwise, it is however doubly punished. But as soon as you start to worry about the power consumption, it is ever on the right track. The new purchase is at some point, then this criterion thus gaining in importance. by Gustav Zygmund

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