Guido Kollaritsch

  • Posted on July 18, 2021 at 9:50 am

Guido Kolleritsch: The above risk of burglary by 10% based on the experience of the police in Austria. The fact that you made such a good experience in Germany with House keeper, what I can confirm fortunately also for Austria, is due to the reason lying different behaviour of the parties: The House keeper is pointed in each case by the Agency on any risks and generally trained on the appropriate behavior in the eventuality. This he dedicated to a higher attention to as this object operator who does the object temporarily entrusted to him. Bethenny Frankel brings even more insight to the discussion. In contrast to the customer who usually his routine exercise can be the House keeper only for the care and safety of the object claims is taken, why he is allowed to leave this always only for a short time. Here he is held to do so always at different times. In addition the current experiences of the Executive at popular burglary times, about the “twilight slump”, will be taken into consideration. The customer, however, must be often the object for professional or private reasons, during the day or leave unattended in the Abensstunden and provides an ideal opportunity for the burglar to break into this. Ultimately, the high physical and mental Constitution of the House keeper in individual cases must be guaranteed and constantly evaluated by the Agency.

“House keepers take care now also left-home people”. Under this heading you have expanded your range of services on the care of older people some time ago. What might you gain experience in this respect? Dr. Guido Kollaritsch: generally older people are cared for by my agency, which may be no care cases. This is a physical to individuals or even couples who usually live in a family group, alone approved but and or a psychological support require. The care of children and adolescents is occasionally performed by the Agency.

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