• Posted on September 2, 2017 at 4:11 am

Getting to study a new foreign language, we must clearly understand that in any case study can only be a small part of it. That is why at the initial stage should not try to jump higher than ourselves – to very clearly define yourself your goals. One of the main principles of language learning is mastery of the first phase of the study that decided to call an "active minimum," as in speech and in reading and writing. "Active" at least should be so that the student mastered the material as freely as possible. "Low" also means that in the first place to acquire the principal, ie sustainable words or phrases ("speech dies ") and the basics of grammar.

In this at least includes a thorough examination of the rules of pronunciation. Activities at least should be given at the earliest possible stage of learning. The kernel of the minimum amount, usually about 400 words and the order of 25-50 expressions needed in everyday life. List of "cliches" and other everyday expressions need to memorize by heart, so you can let him move without any thought. Minimum Grammar must be mastered at a level not to think about its use. Having mastered a good level of a certain minimum level of any foreign language, you can even chat with the locals, going to his next trip!

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