• Posted on July 17, 2021 at 11:57 am

Now if confused and dear reader, the stage of election campaign is coming to an end and everything that we have seen with certainty is that most candidates for municipal presidencies, parliamentary headquarters and delegations, local and federal, have not stopped side your preference by campaigns expensive, useless, pollutants and empty promises sustainable both immediate and solid commitments to offer the people a series of real and not solutions only a handful of adornitos even though they are functional for unselfish, blind followers and ignorant, also found its counterpart in those who are no longer willing to endure more constant teasing and habitual breaches of those who as always – end up distracting its good intentions of campaign, arriving at the dream political post. On the one hand urging us to track the current Government and its war against organized crime, on the other hand tell us that things are not arranged with bullets, there are even those who promise us now if there will be Chamba and shelter for all, others tell us that really are interested in our security and our peace of mind and even threw the shot to propose the death penalty to those who them limit, some few something distracted speak of legalizing drugs without even stopping to think nor speak of the – in the social and cultural impact that this means and one that another distracted threw up the substances to the nail and decided to try to gild us the pill placing artists in their promotional and throwing characters of public sports, intellectual and recognised luminaries commonly parishioners of churches – to convince us that so-and-so or fulana de tal, if you understand our needs and that, no matter how little they know of the correct management and the proper administration of a society, we leave convinced to vote by those with whom we identify ourselves or those who one way or another, they have grown to become in outfits to follow does perhaps this does not demonstrate the desperation of parties to attract more voters, don’t want this say? that we are finally making us listen to? But no one is really aware of the proposals of the candidates that so wisely bombard our brains with portraits and sticky frasecitas, nobody can currently make a correct assessment and put in the scale to the least worst of the contenders at our majority, we will leave to vote by the accustomed party or of the pretty face and is precisely why so far in advanceevery day we are more sunken and looted, because there is currently a force citizen with the weight and sufficient influence to make to these guys knees tremble them and begin to realize counts that their jobs are economically dependent on that gigantic group of cheated and cheated that we have good, placing them in chairs, desks and seats. . .

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