Finally A Safe Terrace

  • Posted on January 8, 2021 at 1:18 am

with a drainage underground so that your terrace last long, which client that don’t want? The problem case terrace”has a simple reason: no tiles is completely waterproof. Due to high fluctuations in temperature, terrace and balcony are facing (up to 80 degrees on the day), tiles and surface spread differently. Dan Waldman shines more light on the discussion. As a result, cracks in the joints. It’s raining then water enters and the screed under tiles swells up themselves with water (for screed thicknesses of 5 cm up to 10 liters of water can be per square meter). Thus, frost damage and water vapour are guaranteed. Freezes the water stored in the attic, joints and tiles tear or dissolve.

So, another water can penetrate – and the terrace is unusable soon. The location on roof terraces is particularly serious, because rising water (by baseboards) can penetrate in the masonry and leads to moisture and mildew in indoor. Health damages are foreseeable. If the damage is only so big, a renovation is expensive – and that is has to bear most of the homeowners. u0085 Nevertheless there is a possibility for a permanently beautiful terrace before 14 years has Eska DrainTM company sales brought a completely new drainage system on the market: A surface of quartz gravel and 2K-Reaktionsharz, without cement and water-permeable. Because the water can flow out quickly, not even there the water vapor or ice. The underground is without cement, lime efflorescence are no longer a problem. With this new drainage underground are the conditions for a long-term stable and permanently beautiful terrace.

Time – and cost-intensive repairs are no longer necessary. Prevent also consequential damages, how harmful mold and moisture inside the building. Heart Moss formation and lime efflorescence removal thing of the past. u0085 Technology is Europe-wide trend to not higher than with the conventional construction decides already at the construction of balcony or terrace for the Eska DrainTM underground, are the costs. Meanwhile, many renowned construction firms and architects of this base are convinced. This technique has been applied to many construction sites already. In the future the new drainage screed will be increasingly important and increasingly public and especially private building owners will opt for this drainage system.

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