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  • Posted on April 24, 2018 at 5:11 am

A crucial statement is that, here in the conditions of insurance of a BU fare. (7) incapacity for work: we provide paragraph 10 also, where appropriate, after an agreed period, see below, if a disability medical still cannot be determined and is only a temporary incapacity, which lasts at least 6 months (see article 2, paragraph 8) that sounds so very different, like invalids. Here, it is only enough to be sick over a period of 6 months. This is sufficient as a basis for the commencement of a pension payment from the disability insurance. One of the big problems is solved by such a formulation. Authors opinions are not widely known. the transition from the definition of incapacity for work (i.e., the purchase of sickness benefit) to the State of disability.

The terms I have you in the blog post “disability disability disability, one small statement” by the Begriffsdschungel “something detailed explained. And what if I’m in between trying to work? This question is justified. Just the insurer and the statutory health insurance (GKV) also have an interest in a resumption of the work as a medical point of view “from zero to one hundred” usually does not work, is working with the so-called Hamburg model. Thus an activity is restored very slowly and begins with two hours per day, rises depending on the diagnosis on 4, 6, up to the full 8 hours a day. This gradual reintegration, tested the resilience and performance only slowly rebuilt. In the framework of this model (for details on the pages of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs), a partial “healthy case” thus takes place. This would however cause the above passage in the BU conditions “Lasts 6 months” is not met.

Too bad that the BU is payment then, or is it? Therefore, the Condort has Life insurance in the last condition change added a passage in the terms and conditions. It says under 2 paragraph 8 now further temporary work attempts to test the ability to work may be recovered represent no interruption of work incapacity, unless this work attempted in the sense of 74 represent SGB V (gradual reintegration with continued existence of incapacity for work). The original meaning of this phrase is back by this supplement. There is entitled to the payment of the insured occupational disability pension even if the insured person “only” 6 months is constantly sick. Just this point greatly facilitates the performance in the disability insurance and avoid the gap in the so-called KT BU transition, at least in part. (Information about the hospital daily allowance) That means of course, so an additional performance costs money. Anyway risky and costly disability protection is certainly efficient as a model and also more costly. Yet that means neither, that you should only cancel an old BU-protection. Only if the entire selection fits criteria discussed and taken into account, he achieved only advisors with you together according to individual protection. Other documents: to review the existing BU hedge you can like questionnaire the criterion (criteria questionnaire on the occupational disability insurance) and in the framework of a free analysis, an evaluation of the achievements of their fare get.

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