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  • Posted on February 23, 2021 at 5:33 pm

Such as the circulatory economic law associations harms the private disposal companies and corporations value fabric fear that under the new law, the fair market conditions be set aside. For many decades private companies have built the industrial waste management in Germany with great commitment and spirit of innovation. This benefits have also citizens who can dispose of their waste in environmentally friendly and also with recyclable materials such as paper and metal even make money. This construction work will benefit the local providers now. The associations of the waste management request a correction of the KrWG. At the trade fair, the President of the Federal Association of the German waste disposal, water and raw materials management (BDE) warned recycling of IFAT in Munich to weaken the recycling firms Germany.

The new law creates uncertainty in the private disposal companies. He also pointed out that the The waste framework directive at EU level would be contrary to law. The trade fair IFA to recycling and disposal will take place in Munich. It is the leading world leading trade fair for environmental technologies, water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. 2,900 Exhibitors were represented at the fair 2012 in Munich.

The next IFA will take place in 2014. Organiser is Messe Munchen. Dr. Heiner Buck, Director of the family firm Buhck environmental services GmbH & co. KG, Munich, disposal also voiced criticism, because no adequate recycling quotas had been laid down. As also Prof. Gunter Verheugen, Dr. Buhck sees a big drawback is that no clear more will a priority the recycling to the combustion. The circulatory economic law leads to high prices and fair competition is in fact abolished poor service with the new law, because the municipalities can prevent that without performance comparisons can be procured. The consequences are poor service, high prices and stagnant development and Research in the industry. An intervention in the free market economy is to the detriment of citizens and customers. The private disposal companies fear that it set facilitates the public providers in the local community with the new, to discover the waste as a lucrative source of income. As a result, livelihoods would be many medium-sized companies. The missing investment security discourages small and medium-sized enterprises above all.

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