Even Philippe Karl

  • Posted on March 3, 2021 at 7:48 am

The way to the Schenkelganger and the mechanized horse (G.Rau) will be taken.” Even Philippe Karl complained about in his book: Irrrwege of the modern dressage “in many his statements the modern Cavalry, which has nothing in common with the classical Equitation. Who mastered yet the fine help? If she can still make the fine help? Who is still in a position to make a Ruckenganger out of the Schenkelganger? Is the joy of the pure speed at an early age in the basic training as to Remonte, just took how many young horses too many and too high demands. Who can educate today a Remonte remonte meet? Who takes the time and the rest for a young horse? L ready, already five years old with four years the first M dressage. Do we have? How long do with the unfinished bones and joints? How long the head? Did you know that you three times, should ride a Remonte in the first year in the week in the second year four times in a week and the third year five times in the week? Did you know that young horses not insubordination stand out but simply because they have no more strength to keep the neck in the stretch position in depth? Did you know, that the is right way in such a situation to descend, to lead his young horse, and then again to give it a try? (The rider forms the horse”by citizen / Zietzschmann). The finger in the wound “by Gerd Heuschmann shows where the cavalry in 2006 has evolved and that at a high level.” Have we learned a thing since 1924? Bundeschampionat 2007: Horses, which showed a stroke of pure pass in the examination are the front runners up. The Passport as a fourth reason gait in dressage? Where is the purity of the course? A judge in the audience said that the pass would have no effect on the outcome of the examination he was right. Where is the purity of the course? We have forgotten our adoption of the judge from 1924 and not understood? This article should be a cry for help – the request to make it different! The desire to allow the horse to get accustomed to his request asked him to grow slowly into this and to stay healthy! Because riding is nicer to the horse and make healthier.

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