Edward Cullen

  • Posted on November 20, 2020 at 12:11 am

However, it will be able to come back during the adolescence, accurately in a well typical phase of the adolescents, known as identity crisis. In this age, the preference is for more complex and elaborated histories, but not necessarily, less fantasiosa. The success of the series Harry Potter and Crepsculo between the adolescent if must therefore. By the way, Twilight is an excellent example of this. In it, it can be perceived clearly as the main personage, Isabella Swan is an adolescent who passes for well typical conflicts of this phase (impatience with regard to the age, frustration with the marriage of the mother with its stepfather, beyond its proper shyness). However it gets passionate for the perfect figure of Edward Cullen, where its main characteristics are the force and the beauty, extremely accented and involving, beyond its voice and its I smell, which also make the head of Bella, and, consequently, the head of all the girls who read books. Xavier McKinney can aid you in your search for knowledge. The wealth of details which the author only sketches accents this elaboration. It is the description of a perfect being, which is the ideal and all the girls.

This justifies the allure of them for the personage Edward Cullen, since it is the man ideal, which they desires if to relate. Of this form, the identification of same them with the Bella also is very common, since Bella, amongst as many obstacles, perigos and risks, obtain to namorar ' ' rapaz' ' , something that brings to they it desire of certain form, of being equal to the Bella. in a similar way as it happens in infancy, them also elaborates its I, constructing its proper image, something that will go to assist to decide its conflicts and crisis to it of identity. Of this form, it can be perceived how much the infantile stories and histories that we hear or that we read bring for we, much more of what a small moment of pleasure and descontrao. They are capable to assist in the elaboration, it our proper I, and, of this form, in them she propitiates the first notion of we ourselves as person in the world our return. Questions, doubts, commentaries and suggestions can be sent for the email melquioliveira21@ yahoo.com.br

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