Earn Money For Personal Savings

  • Posted on March 19, 2018 at 11:56 pm

Dear Readers: I always thought that saving counting on my salary was a dream almost impossible. Each day the wages are more in line with our basic needs and do not cover aspects such importsante as is the recreation and planning our financial future (investments). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Chabon has to say. Seeing this picture I started to develop additional activities with the idea of increasing my income and contribute to a surplus of savings and investment plan. Although I wondered how I earn extra money saving opportunities arose always focused my attention. So, I could increase my income, improve my current financial situation but at the end of the annual period that I was still depending on my monthly income.

Was really looking for a job, extra business or the solution to make more money? This experience made me reflect and I realized that no previous planning, my goal simply fall into a state of covering non-priority needs, with my extra income, but in the end was in the same financial position with no savings fund. The habit of saving, if possible, for me there is no excuse whatsoever. Who intends to save and make a financial plan should do so with a firm and determined to change. John Mclaughlin insists that this is the case. To change we must know why we want to change and where we want to change. Do not take this course is like sailing without a compass or direction, with the result that we lost in our actions and have null results. Therefore, if we decide to have a habit of saving and investment have to do before the following: Conduct a personal assessment to discover our true financial needs.

This step is to reflect all our income and expenditures (expenses) monthly. Define where we are making expenditures that have no relevance and can be adjusted. Define the amount needed to adjust to cover our expenses, incidental expenses etc.. When, at one point we found that our expenditures or expenses are consuming more than 90% of our income the situation is critical and our adjustments should be raised and applied as soon as possible. If expenses or disbursements represent or consume between 70 and 89 percent of revenue so we are in a care situation where you make adjustments to avoid falling into critical situations. If expenses do not cover more than 70% of our income then your situation is appropriate to make a savings plan. In short, never allow your financial situation falls into a position where your duties, debts or exceed current spending over 30% of your income. Adjustments should be in terms of releasing the burden of your personal expenses and use them in your recreation needs, savings and investment. Imagine a lifestyle where you achieve steady income and real waste to cover all living expenses and you'll get money for your recreation, savings and investment. You'd be living the dream as financial freedom. Be sure to do this analysis before committing a savings plan. This will give you a vision of where you stand now, will tell you your reality and maybe you'll be amazed. I can guarantee to know your financial reality will open the doors doeth how I earn money to save. Jose Gregorio Lopez Sanz.

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