e-Learning Systems

  • Posted on December 28, 2014 at 12:14 am

Can I replace the classical learning remote? The vast majority of experts believe that there is. E-learning assign a supporting role. Rightly notes that such forms of education there is no informal communication difficult time to control the efficiency of the process, we can not show something on a personal example. But is uniquely? A bit of history most of our history of human knowledge passed down from teacher to pupil directly. But with the further acceleration of the rhythm of life time was running perilously low. Requirements for civilization, as a rule are met by new technologies.

So way, have developed a system of indirect learning, do not require personal contact, saving time and allowing to reach a vast audience. First, the appearance of a regular and affordable postal service initiated the emergence of "a correspondent course in Europe at the end of the XVIII century. Then the invention of radio and television not only allowed to produce educational television programs and increase the audience in the hundreds of times, but also prepared a "springboard" for a qualitative leap. Finally, in 1969 in the UK has its first university, giving students only distance education. A new era introduction Homo sapiens in the information field of civilization – directly. Forty years have passed since the inception of the university, specializing in e-learning, but, in essence, it is not far gone from "a correspondent courses. Only instead of postal stations began to use routers and instead of letters – video courses.

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