• Posted on September 29, 2023 at 1:26 am

How dogs learn: Dogs learn by association and repetition. The first thing to be done at the time to teach a dog is an association between an event in their environment and the response you want them to have. You will then need to be repeated this exercise until your dog is familiar with the desired response every single time that such an act occurs. For example, if you say the word "blok" (event on the environment) and place your dog in the position of "sitting" (desired response) may look like after several repetitions your dog begins to associate the sound of the word " blok "with the act of sitting. You'll notice that every time you say the word hope he feels. This type of learning called conditioned reflex, and the process by which both dogs and humans, we learn to connect with reflections stimulus is called conditioning. Follow others, such as urban treatment associates, and add to your knowledge base. The association process between an act and the response you want from your dog does not require countless hours of repetition, most cases is only a matter of minutes if done the right way. Like your dog, conditioning is the basis for much of the learning within the human behavior.

Advertisers use this knowledge to very effectively manipulate the public's response to different brands and products every day. So while it is true that humans are intellectually superior to dogs, it is also true that our learning process is exactly the same to theirs. Unfortunately, accepting the fact that dogs learn relatively quickly is a bit complicated for that owner who has been dragged down the street without mercy over the past three years.

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