Copounded Students

  • Posted on September 11, 2016 at 1:11 am

To imply the students: to do you participate in the library helps to them to that they are identified with her and its activity. An idea can be to train library assistants who learn to exert the work librarian. You may find that Novelist can contribute to your knowledge. Also to them it is possible to be done turning contributor them into literary critics a traverse of a leaf of opinions that is included in the titles; creating a mailbox of suggestions where they can recommend readings that can be interesting for the other students, or making them bring its favorite book and explain it to its companions. To imply the families: in the surroundings of the home a predisposition must exist towards the reading to create the reading habit in the children, the family must be an active actor of the projects librarians. The membership card of familiar reading is a good resource for it, in him the family must mark to every month the readings realised with the children in house or in the external libraries and when finalizing they will receive it a diploma.

Another form to imply itself is through the participation in clubs or specific sessions organized by the libraries, like ” club of the breasts lectoras” , ” the week of the parents bibliotecarios” , etc. Contests and prizes: to make them deserving of a flattery or graduates reconocedor of its effort is one of the best ways to stimulate the students. A graphical contest to create a mascot stops the library, to realise a contest of literary tracks, placing plank book appointments that the students must identify, or a prize to which is able to find the greater bibliography on a subject are some options that also can be qualifying in the evaluation of the professor of certain subjects. To be related: to have a good communication channel established with different organizations can help to improve and to activate a library. This can be obtained contacting with foundations or associations related to Literature to be informed into any newness in that scope and power to be updated, or establishing agreements with publishing houses, bookstores or other libraries that are beneficial for the final adressee: the student.

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