Conventional Antibiotic Treatment

  • Posted on May 5, 2015 at 7:28 am

The fast passage of our forms of life has given rise to a negligent behavior towards the atmosphere. Also we have not paid any attention to the warnings that maintain that a form of fast and exhausting life is detrimental to the total health and in the long term. There has been an extensive increase in the incidence of the diseases caused by the contamination, the incorrect tension, dietetic habits and carcinogen chemical agents. In the race to progress one has forgotten to us that the body has its own means to fight the disease and our first center must be in the consolidation of the health of the immune system. The man can have been able to conquer some diseases but in view of the total situation, he has not been able to find a definitive treatment for an infinite number of diseases (until now, there is no safe treatment even for the common cold). During long time we have created diseases without realising it and we continued creating drugs for the treatment. Nevertheless, now we know that using drugs synthetic we treated only the symptoms and we created in a certain term more complications, we must concentrate in the consolidation of the immune system with alarming speed. But the urgency to return to work and the normal life tend to even take to an indistinct use of the antibiotic alternative for the treatment of ailments of smaller importance.

In interchange, we have bacteria that have developed resistance to a great amount of antibiotic compounds. It is extremely difficult to find an antibiotic that can only eliminate the harmful bacteria. The dissolute use can take to the destruction of friendly bacteria in the body. This is an expensive indirect effect since it takes to the creation of bacteria stronger than it gets to be able to use the compound of the antibiotic for his own advantage.

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