CDU Greens

  • Posted on July 28, 2016 at 9:57 am

No clear statements before the Landtag elections before some months, it seemed that the Greens have adopted completely possible black-green government alliances. Among the protests to Stuttgart 21, where the Greens were vehement opponents of the project, had made almost impossible future coalitions. Now, everything is open but apparently again. The news portal reported possible constellations. The Super election year has begun and soon more Landtag elections in Baden-Wurttemberg and other States follow to Hamburg. The Greens also want to at least rule with Baden-Wurttemberg after the parliamentary elections. A black-Green Alliance seemed closed after the extremely different points of view of the Greens and CDU in the station project in Stuttgart basically. At least, Jurgen Trittin had given a clear rejection of future coalitions.

Meanwhile, some time has passed since the major protests to Stuttgart 21, however. There’s election campaign and all parties in the Ultimately a goal: to win the elections. Expected no party alone is to govern in Baden-Wurttemberg, however. So it is not surprising that all possible coalitions are played through in the meantime at least in the media. From black yellow to red-green to a Red Red Green Alliance, every constellation appears to be conceivable.

The CDU uses the possible prospect of an Alliance a clear opposing stance. The FDP is regarded as a favorite of the CDU. Currently, however, it is unclear what would happen if the election results for a black green coalition. So far neither party has expressed clearly against an appropriate Alliance in Baden-Wurttemberg. More information: policy /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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