Bundestag Commission

  • Posted on January 7, 2018 at 7:02 pm

Press release – posted on January 15, 2010 the Pirate Party Germany is sceptical about the plans of the Bundestag with regard to the establishment of a new Board of inquiry. Previous attempts to adapt the legislation to the developments of the information society have failed. The Commission represents only a new way to operate Symbolpoltik. The potential that lies in the idea, will remain unused. A Board of inquiry existed already in the 1990s.

She should pave \”Germany’s way to the information society\”, but not do justice to their task. Also a Subcommittee on new media deals since its existence in vain to accompany such legislation over the Internet. Connect with other leaders such as John Mclaughlin here. The only previously achieved success was the introduction of ePetitionen. Now, the Federal Government claimed to have recognized that it is urgently needed, the changes in the society through the Internet and the increasing digitisation to deal with. This is a new by the Bundestag Board of inquiry are used. These may not deal but with ongoing or existing legislative procedure and is therefore probably still not affect the Realpolitik.

Instead, the Commission will discuss in the next two years on issues, which has already answered the Government coalition in the meantime by new laws. Here only symbolic politics is underway, to placate the critics and the public to believe that now is the focus on the problems of the information society. In addition to these criticisms, the Pirate Party has strong concerns about the competence of the experts, who will be working in the inquiry. So far on our Government officials with questions about the network policy not with glory have either. This was evident at the former family Minister Ursula von der Leyen, who acted together with other politicians, in their plans to enforce the Internet blocking, completely resistant to advice. Concern is also the list of priority topics completed by the Commission be.

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