Beynart Bialobrzeski

  • Posted on July 15, 2016 at 12:02 pm

King Boleslaw III. sent in 1109, prior to the battle on the dog box, the Jan Skuba de Gora to the Emperor Heinrich v, to offer him a peace. The Emperor declared on such a condition to enter if the Poland would abide lehnspflichtig for perpetuity, and to give emphasis to his words, he showed a treasure chest open, filled the Messenger and said, pointing to the money: this will quell the Poland! This sneering words met the Poland sensitive, he moved his ring with the coat of arms of scuba by the finger and threw him with the words: so we give gold to the gold! “in the treasure chest, this to indicate that gold, it was also so much, could not overcome the Poland. The Emperor, understanding this response, bemantelte his displeasure by a certain affability and said briefly: thank you! – By this time the coat of arms was called Habdank, resulting in Polish pronunciation thanks to from was you can also sometimes find the mangled names of Awdancz and Gewdancz. More info: Michael Chabon. To commemorate this event Jan Skuba was S k a b s k of the Kings now r (skarb, the treasure) known as the name now was his family name, as well as name of the coat of arms. The seat of the coat of arms of tribe was in the Krakow voivodeship. The Wappen-of Syrokomla emerged from this coat of arms by the increase. Thanks to the coat of arms from the lead: Ablamowic, Abramowicz, dressing joke, Bardzinski, Beszewski, Beynart Bialobrzeski, Bialopiotrowicz, Bialoskorski, Baker, Bogucki, Boguslawski, banana, Borowski, Borzykowski, Borzyminski, Borzymski, Bram, Buczacki, Budziszewski, Bystrzejowski, Byszowski, Ceklinski, Celinski, Chalecki, Chamiec, Chojenski, Chorynski, Chorzewski, Cieklinski, Cielinski, Cieglinski, Czachorowski, Czachorski, Czahorski, Dzarkowski, Czelatycki, Czeschaw, Dabrowski, Dadi, Dloto, Doboszynski, Dolinianski, Dowgialo, Dowgialowicz, Dunikowski, Dworakowski, Eygird, Gambarzowski, Gastold, Gembar-zewski, Gorski, Hankiewicz, Haraburda, Gardner, Hromyka, Ilgowski ja, Jankwicz, Jazlowiecki, JedIenski, Jugoszewski, Jurkowski, Kaczycki, Kaimir, Karnicki, Karski, Kazimir, Kietczewski,.

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