Audio Content

  • Posted on March 25, 2021 at 5:26 pm

Audio content should be not only well thought out and are produced in a professional environment with trained spokespeople, and sound designer telephone systems, they should be implemented but also in terms of on the target group and the intermediary companies and product values. Audio content have a high emotional impact, they are the packaging and the interface to the customer and contribute crucial therefore, whether the caller is in a voice application feel in good hands. What should be considered so in the production of audio content for voice applications? 1 Personakonzept first of all requires thorough planning the audio design of voice applications. Here it applies first to find out which image you want to represent the application and who we want to talk to the application. From this the desire communication partner of the caller can be then derived, which will serve as a template for the creation of the text, as well as for the selection of the speaker for the Voiceprompts. Particularly useful has become in this “Context the creation of a Personakonzepts” proved its worth. All important features of the virtual conversation partners are grouped together in the Personakonzept. for example, the system is personalized or neutral, modern teen or objectively serious, male or female, to standard German or with regional coloring spoken etc.

The Personakonzept is not only the basis for the texts of the prompts and selection of spokesman for, it proved itself as a very helpful document production. Professional speakers are mostly actors from the Filmsynchron, who play the role of the persona during the recording. It must be defined in addition by the Director in the recording studio and monitored. The Personakonzept summarizes all important cornerstones of this role and helps spokesman and Director of the language easier to capture them. 2. More info: idt energy. the right speaker have we once defined the persona, is it now to find an appropriate spokesman.

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