Aragonese Party

  • Posted on December 23, 2015 at 7:56 am

D. FERNANDEZ the State pays 276.86 to by elect councilman and 0.55 to by vote the results raise a great question in the communities. These have to do with the deficit, the debt and cuts. The PP will manage 75,800 million in all the communities. The overwhelming victory of the PP in the municipal and autonomic elections redibuja a new electoral map that entails a new map of being able economic. Thousands of million Euros change of hands after the results of yesterday. It is enough with throwing a look to the Budgets of this year in CC AA and city councils to verify that 36,000 million will be managed by new executives, 35% of the money that was in game. In the 13 autonomic elections, four results have caused an upset in the Government: Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria, the Balearics and Asturias, reason why 18,500 million change of political manager.

And in other two cases a new Government is very probable. In Aragon, to the PP he is worth to him with agreeing with the Aragonese Party (EVEN); and in the Canary Islands a pact glimpses both enters voted parties more: PP and Coalition (CC). Other 12,300 million that they change of hands. In City councils (analyzed the 15 great cities where it publishes 20 minutes), four crossings are safe. Barcelona, Seville, Cordova and To Corunna have new mayors: 7.585 million altogether of budgets. It can have changes in Saragossa (where it gained the PP) if the PSOE does not manage to make a tripartite one with Chunta and IU.

In Gij’on, coalition PSOE-IU loses the Town hall if the Forum pact takes place. In Oviedo, the popular ones need now to Forum, of Helmets. Others 1.157 million in dispute. With this new map, the PP will manage 75,800 million in all the Communities that governs, and PSOE, 47.400.

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