Applications Of The Readers Of Matriculas

  • Posted on January 4, 2021 at 2:26 am

Systems of access control of numerous environments beneficiaries can see highly by the technology of license plate recognition, which has demonstrated its suitability for improving the control and security of these, as well as to improve the traffic flow. One of their most successful implementations occurred on motorways, a place in which license plate readers do a great job to avoid potential fraud in areas of toll, in addition can also be useful for the same trucks weighing stations, where readers can integrate into dynamic balances and photographing the vehicle registration. These readers also have been placed in different entrances and exits of motorways in order to control the average speed of vehicles in its travel through them. However, both real and potential applications of this technology are closely related to the car parks. License plate readers integrated in a parking of subscriber access system serve to access vehicles, using the characters of the registration. The management of car parks of rotation, such as shopping malls or private parking, can increase the effectiveness of their systems of accesses, installing these readers, thanks to which can shoot each of the license plates of vehicles entering the parking and automatically associate it with the ticket number that the dispenser has linked him.

In this way, you can control the loss of tickets and eliminate opportunities for fraud. In addition, car parks, whether they are partners, or rotational type can add one application to license plate readers. The process is known as inventoried vehicles, and consists in, by removing all the possible benefit to the possibility of taking pictures of a vehicle at its entrance to a parking lot, take additional pictures of the vehicle in addition to the registration. With this application, park managers can determine what was the exact status of the vehicle before entering, and may rebut any false accusation incontestable way by damage. Applied individually license plate recognition readers are an effective security measure to the parking lots of subscribers, though they reach their potential when they associate with others of the most important applications for access control systems. In this way, we find that the level of safety and control of one of these car parks can acquire a maximum level if the license plate recognition they accompany readers of magnetic cards or proximity, as well as some type of biometric system, such as facial recognition or fingerprint reader. These high levels of security are achieved when the identification of the vehicle, provided by the license plate reader, is supported by the identification of its driver.

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