Andreas Kellner

  • Posted on January 15, 2018 at 12:34 am

But back to the topic: politically the NPD ban, raises the request of thereof specifically so that the problem of right-wing radicalism: until the current ban debate has abated, nobody, want anyway except those already interested in, something about right-wing disposition hear or say. Continue to learn more with: Bernie Sanders. In addition, this discursive move at least for most federal politicians has the wonderful charm that you can push the law enforcement agencies of the countries in the shoes all transgressions. The Interior Minister while something bad coming off, is from the perspective of most bearable. And he is even to blame: who still always not understood, that the further use of the oft-cited V people will bring also a next ban process to fail, which isn’t going to help. NPD ban solves radicalism politically, on the other hand all know anyway, that there will not be a NPD-ban, the involvement of the intelligence services is still too opaque with its object, the political extremism of the NPD. And this is at the end political Lehrstuck inevitably the conclusion are that it is once again travelled to a right-wing radicalism debate. By you has led a successful war by proxy – NPD ban – with the usual outrage, you had to not talk about the grey-brown zone of the right bourgeois camp.

One had to not question the antiquated German blood and soil immigration law and the underlying diffuse beliefs and also wake a sleeping dog. That this applies to Government and opposition, is indicative of the strange actions of the SPD in these times, but the next big Coalition is finally in the starting blocks. More than the NPD continues to be extremist in Germany, but apparently most have a problem. Andreas Kellner…

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