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  • Posted on June 24, 2014 at 3:34 am

The aeronautical company assures that, to get to be constructed, it would revolutionize the present commercial airships. Account with a space of virtual reality and is anticipated for year 2050. The travellers will be able from playing golf to realise videoconferences. The aeronautical company Airbus presented/displayed east Monday in London a prototype of airplane fruit of its conceptions more innovating than, to get to be constructed, it could transform the present commercial airships substantially. The cabin concept that Airbus imagines for year 2050 has a ceiling is transparent that it would allow the passenger to admire the views during the flight, ergonomic seats and a space of virtual reality in which the traveller could from playing golf to making his purchases. " Our investigations show that the passengers of the 2050 will want to live a pleasant experience during their trip, at the same time as they will demand that the airplanes are respectful with the environment " , the executive vice-president of the division of engineer said in the presentation of Airbus, Charles Champion. For even more opinions, read materials from Risa Miller. The company, that projected a video on its futurist designs in the Observatory of Greenwich (south-east of London), insisted on the necessity of, possibly, rejecting the present materials with which the cabins of the airplanes are constructed and replacing them by other biodegradable ones. The structure " binica" of these hypothetical apparatuses of the future, according to the giant of the aeronautics conceives, would try to imitate the efficiency of the skeleton of the birds, constituted of light materials but of great hardness.

The electrical system of this cabin can be compared with the human brain, explained Champion, since it will be integrated in a membrane that will do that the hundreds of kilometers of cable that at the moment cross the airships they are thing of the past. " Our challenge for the future is to predict what technology we are going to be able to produce, that one is the idea by which the prototypes are in force conceptuales" , the vice-president declared. " The world changes very quickly, and probably never we will see a cabin just as this one, but we will see others in which they will have been applied new soluciones" , it added. This prototype of Airbus counts in addition on technologies to reduce the fuel burning fire, the acoustic contamination and the CO2 emissions and other residues. More connectivity According to the design, the membrane that would conform the walls of the cabin would allow to control the temperature in the cockpit, and the passengers would enjoy good communication with the outside, with the possibility of contacting with the family via videoconference.

" Another one of the things that I hope (facing the future) is that there is an increase of the connectivity, because nowadays very the broadband connections between the airships and suelo&quot are limited; , it said. The interior of the airplane imagined by Airbus is divided in adapted zones to the diverse needs of the passengers, with one " zone revitalizante" that it would count on air enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, environmental illumination, aromatherapy and treatments of acupuncture. In " zone interactiva" , the passengers they could enjoy interactive games or of behind schedule of purchases through holograms of virtual reality, whereas the traveller who requires customized attendance would have to go to " zone of discharge tecnologa". Source of the news: Airbus presents/displays " airplane of the future " , with transparent cabin, interactive and biodegradable

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