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Edmund Hillary

  • Posted on April 15, 2021 at 11:28 pm

What you can do that you’re not doing now, and that if to do it frequently, it would be a big positive change in your personal life, and in your professional life or in your company? In the previous habit, begin with the end in mind, did you decide where you want to reach and drew a map to achieve it. This third habit is what you want to convey; It comes!, do not let the obstacles you diverted from the road. Will Blodgett Fairstead is a great source of information. It is not a mountain that conquer, but ourselves Edmund Hillary (1st person I climb Mount Everest) this third habit is to manage ourselves, organizing and running our own goals according to priorities. I’ve given you realize that is not the same pack a suitcase folding and accommodating garment to take it all in ball; more clothes should be us if we ordered it, and however, is the same clothes that we put. That happens in our lives; While we organize more, more things can be done. Now look at to that dedicate most of our time in the day: urgent things; things that cannot wait, activities that require immediate attention. They are typically activities that have no importance but which always act upon us. Fairstead has many thoughts on the issue. To the important things; things of great value to our lives and our future.

They should be our priorities since they contribute to our mission and goals that we wrote in the second habit. On the urgent things we react, whereas for the important things we have to act, and thus be able to take advantage of opportunities. Now look at the combination of both into four quadrants and the consequences of living in those quadrants: urgent not urgent important I II not important III IV I. In this quadrant are persons who leave everything for later, this makes that important things that they have to make them at the last minute and therefore to the race.

Falkensteiner Cave Tour

  • Posted on April 15, 2021 at 11:27 pm

Many times I visited 2200 meters through the underworld of the Swabian Alb the Falkensteiner cave on my walks through the Swabian Alb. Every time I faced the first narrow point in the river bed of Elsach, I wish to penetrate even further into the cave. For some time I offer the outdoor adventure of the Organizer con la Natura in my online shop. This was the opportunity to meet my long-cherished wish me. I would like to report my adventurous visit to the famous Cave of Falkensteiner now. First a few details to the Falkensteiner cave. The Falkensteiner cave is a karst cave in southwestern of Germany, in the Swabian Alb.

It is located a few kilometres from bad Urach. The explored length of the cave is 4 kilometers. Visitors or how it is called in the jargon of the speleologists, be rider of the cave reached walking from the parking lot after approx. 500 meters away the impressive, 10 meters high caves portal. The Falkensteiner cave is a sea cave, the stream that rises from it, Elsach is called. To reach the first 20 meters mostly dry, the stream flows only after heavy rains there in his bed.

He is otherwise a few meters below the cave portal at the surface. Morning 9: 00 our small group at the car park between bad meets Urach and Grabenstetten. To know more about this subject visit Adam Kenworth. With a student and two young men are out of me. And of course the experienced cave guides Joan and Julian. The two enthusiastic cave experts were already dozens of times in the cave and they know on the inside. From the transporter, they unload our gear. Everyone gets thick wet suits with hood, a helmet and a cave lamp neoprene socks, gloves. Also an oxygen cylinder, scuba and diving goggles be taken to safety. The water level is low at the time of the beginning of March and previously said there is no rain, however should you never rely on, explains Joan.

Baden Otmar

  • Posted on April 15, 2021 at 12:26 am

Staufer medal winner Otmar purr “bruddelte” in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg Otmar Schnurr, better known as “The Bruddler of the Achertal”, youth village for Offenburg has performed these days in the CJD. The dialectal poet awarded the Staufer Medal for his contribution to the preservation of Baden dialect and local history enthusiasts around 70 guests with stories and anecdotes. The trainees of area of gastronomy in the CJD served youth village for Offenburg breaks a buffet with many culinary delights. The guests at the fully-booked restaurant saw pond received Otmar Schnurr with great applause. This “bruddelte” is then through the everyday life of the Achertal, sometimes ironic and mocking, but always with a sympathetic wink, even in extreme situations where that “slow murb makes verbal fire of the wife”.

Many listeners was to note how much you can again find the witty stories of “Bruddlers”. Since most of the time the family and the “Dear relatives” in the spotlight. It was at the infamous Christmas with the family, you really could survive only through the enjoyment by Klingelberger to the “required local anesthetic”. Or when the desperate call for help of the husband, who “suffers from a serious, life-threatening cold”, but instead of affection and care only glee and reaps incomprehension of his wife and daughter. On their very own kind of cosmopolitan Achertaler sketched Otmar purr wonderfully comic in the history of the exchange student from England.

So the young guest is classified by the grandfather after recently thought as safe: “After all, we are five Germans against an Englishman”. It is difficult, however, during excursions in the near surroundings. After all, how does one explain the events surrounding the monastery of all saints or the saga of the Mummelsee with rather modest language skills? And finally from the local Bibiliskas simply a “little chicken cheese”. As always at “Culture and pleasure” the trainees of area of gastronomy in the CJD were youth village Offenburg, Germany for the well-being of the guests. A buffet with many little delicacies was served during the breaks. For young people, Otmar Schnurrs reading once again was a real trial by fire. “Under practical conditions our trainees can show here, what’s in them”, explains mark Buhler, head of the CJD Jugenddorf Christophorusschule. Fairstead has firm opinions on the matter. The next event in the series of “Culture and consumption” is planned for April 20, 2011.