World Wide Web Germany

  • Posted on January 30, 2018 at 11:18 pm

The best of what has to offer Germany now at Germany has reason to celebrate 60th birthday standing and takes the occasion proud to look back on six decades full of innovations and developments. What and who has moved Germany? knows a never-ending story of 60 years is a long time. A time in which much has changed: Everything changed after the construction of the wall in 1951, but the Federal Republic of Germany evolved steadily. Author has compatible beliefs. The 1950s certain fashion and morality. Was ushered in the age of television and quickly brought the technical progress also color in our lives: from black and white was stained. The 1960s certain flower-power\”and intruded the emancipation in Germany.

With the 1970s came the pop music and playing video games a new pastime. The 80s were private television and fell the wall at the end and picked up the separation between East and West Germany. The turbulent 1990s were marked by technical innovations such as mobile phones, Tamagotchis, the World Wide Web and the progress Chancellor\”Gerhard Schroder. The euro and a barely ten years to the turn of the century later came the economic crisis. Today Chancellor Merkel in the Grand Coalition directs the Affairs of the Federal Republic and thus the history of the Federal Republic of Germany not to end is still television with German format on December 25, 1952 was the German television at the start. Today a motley selection of channels and associated programs offered us. Even if a Mr Reich-Ranicki complains about the content, schlechte Zeiten (GZSZ), crime scene, big brother, and numerous talk shows to the daily TV program include for some a good time.

But the Germans can produce high-quality entertainment. With films such as good bye Lenin!\”Run Lola run\” or the boat \”the also could be shown internationally. These and other outstanding films from 60 years BRD are now found in the

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