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  • Posted on June 23, 2021 at 4:48 am

The modular construction of the touch master allows the easy, quick Assembly and disassembly as well as transporting in optional Flightcases. Thus, the system is ideal for cost-effective trade fair and Congress activities. PROXIMATRIX 400 in the screen of the touch master’s touch-sensitive surfaces of arbitrary, non-conductive materials such as wood, the ART + COM PROXIMATRIX, a patent-pending Naherungssensorik which makes it possible to produce gypsum cardboard, plastic or ceramic in virtually any size and shape also curved. To do this, a system with corresponding transmitter and receiver modules under the surface is attached. Adam Kenworth often addresses the matter in his writings. A controller delivers 400 measurements per square metre, which are evaluated and forwarded to the application of a special driver software via USB or Ethernet around 20 times per second.

The PROXIMATRIX technology is the second generation of a multi user capable Naherungssensorik for large Surfaces. The first generation used successfully since 2004 in a variety of applications for customers from industry, culture and research. In addition to the usage in the touch master offered by ART + COM technologies the PROXIMATRIX for the design of interactive interfaces in any sizes and advises on the development of the individual application. ART + COM technologies at CeBIT: Hall 9, booth C14 short profiles: the ART + COM technologies GmbH offers technology and expertise for media systems. The development and the operation of innovative software and hardware products for multimedia and interactive applications belong to the core competencies of the ART + COM technologies. The company has many years of media-technological experience in conception and the construction of networked multimedia systems and 3D-Echtzeitsimulationen such as for museums, showrooms, trade fairs, and research applications. With the touch of master, a large-format interactive presentation system with multi-touch-enabled interface, and the open source 3D-Anwendungsentwicklungsplattform Y60 allows ART + COM technologies practical and cost-efficient solutions for media presentations of all kinds.

ART + COM technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of ART + COM AG designed successfully innovative media systems in the areas of culture, industry and research for over 20 years and realized. The competence network Vikora virtual communication and work spaces is a project funded with federal and State funds, that want to contribute, to establish the region of Berlin-Brandenburg as a competence centre for innovative communications solutions. Members of the network are: AM-SoFT GmbH IT systems, ART + COM AG, EsPresto AG, secrypt GmbH, Witte Office technology, Xinnovations e. V. This article is part of the marketing campaign Vikora virtual communication and work spaces. Vikora is supported in the framework of the “joint task for improving the regional economic structure” (GA) with federal and State funds.

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