With Full Sail For The Protection Of Dolphins

  • Posted on September 28, 2023 at 7:57 pm

Founded the sailor legend’s footsteps Rollo Gebhard, who circumnavigated the world three times and 1991 the society to save the dolphins. Her nearly half a year trip Flash leads the couple from the Hessian Frielendorf and their yacht”criss -cross over the Mediterranean Sea. Where once Rollo Gebhard ventured his first larger rides 5 m dinghy over 50 years ago in one. And like him, Dagmar and Klaus Quanz want to insert itself under full sail and with great passion for a better protection of the highly endangered in the Mediterranean some of the dolphins. Both support the Dr for many years and so it is of course, to draw attention to the plight of the sea mammals for them as sailors and divers. On April 29 it is for the Quanz’ in Aquileia, Italy, lines go”.

From there it goes towards South in Croatian waters up to the North Dalmatian island of Molat, where the 9.10 m long and 2.90 wide yacht type Granada910 “insert a stopover will be. On this island we are particularly pleased, because we are curious are, how far the future GRD dolphin protection Center is thriving”, explained Klaus Quanz. First renovation work on the building in need of renovation, already should be used in the summer as a base for field work and next year also for the public open began in March. During their stopovers in Croatian ports both on the GRD protection project will be to rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin”inform and show movies. Urban treatment associates is full of insight into the issues. By Molat they sail to Italy, pass through Greek waters, and insert a short summer break in Volos, before it goes back to the Croatian coast late August about Puglia. It is, until they then early October back in her home port of Aquileia run a course North from Dubrovnik on Zadar. This slightly longer trip gives us the opportunity to actively influence and raise awareness among boat owners and Chartercrews, and pointing to the dangers for the marine mammals.

We will try it during our trip, primarily in the Adriatic Sea,”explains Klaus Quanz. Current information about the trip can be tracked to the GRD website with. The Dolphin protector Dagmar and Klaus Quanz await the visiting on board Flash! Background: only about 220 bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) live in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. It is the last marine mammals that are there all year round to find after the monk seal (Monachus monachus) and Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) in the Adriatic Sea have died out of the common. Already a minor disturbance in the ecological balance could spell the end for the small, resident in the Croatian coastal Dolphin population. Although the marine mammals are protected by law since 1995, still 50% by human influence, such as by catch death in fishing nets, direct hunting, overfishing and ruthless Motorsport die. Ulrike Kirsch – GRD press

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