Western Iran

  • Posted on July 28, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Emami is regarded as planner of several murders of dissidents, among other things to the parents of Parastou Forouhar. In this context, he was arrested and interrogated. (Similarly see: Bernie Sanders). Various documents related to his role in the killings are on the Internet available. 4 allegedly Emami died in prison, because he had been drinking allegedly arsenic depilatories. Political observers refer to this information as a pale duck and think more likely that he was eliminated, because high personalities within the system feared his incriminating statements. In the Iran, the political landscape in many political alliances, coalitions and interest groups is rugged and is very confusing for Western Iran experts, because coalitions change almost daily and new names of modified coalitions emerge. A look behind the scenes will be helpful to understand who is hiding behind the thicket and intentions should be hidden.

The “bad” and the “good” Prinzipalisten you are competing for seats in the Parliament, indulging in nothing and still all factions that officially approved by the Guardian Council as regime-loyal and politically may press view themselves as the true Islamic revolutionaries. There are some minor Individual groups and roughly speaking to bring the different factions behind three main factions that the strongest influence, wrestle and try. President Mahmoud Ahmadinedschad, the Group Dschebhe Paydari (resistance front) of Mesbah Yazdi, a philosopher of the violence seems to be connected. 5 the little traditionalistischer-minded clerics of Qom to Mohammad Yazdi and Mahdavi Kani with the Tehran Basaris are on the other. The third faction is Mohammad Nabi Habibi and the brothers Asgarolladi Hezbeh Motalefeh party.

All the groups make parliamentarians from the ranks of little educated Bassij and loyal revolutionary guards who like to get into the hair and apply desert insults as enforcement methods in the Madschless. In addition to a degenerate handling style, the Usulgerayan unites a kind of principled. Ali Khamenei hold the pole despite crises in questions of legitimacy, credibility and economic decline.

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