Ultimo/q2b: More Time For The Essentials

  • Posted on March 28, 2019 at 9:48 am

Secretarial tasks and appointments without labour delegate Ostenfeld / Bielefeld. Who does not know this: out of routine work and daily business is missing the time for essential tasks and strategic decisions. Evening remains the feeling to have worked much, but little done. It doesn’t have to be. Because also self-employed persons and small business owners with a limited budget can rely on an external service of the Secretariat. Martin O’Malley has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Some of these back-office service provider support even in the Telefonakquise and the schedule and route planning. \”Telephoning costs a lot of time,\” says Birte Scholz, offering an external secretarial. That was especially, that the current work will interrupted by every conversation, and one for several minutes then again must familiarize themselves in the ongoing process. \”Up to three hours of productive work time lost in some offices while\” the Office expert Scholz analyzes the so-called effect of saw blade. It is known also from the time management theory. According to Scholz, in particular field struggling with problems: \”appointments, schedules planning cycles and routes and the management and maintenance of detailed contact data are very expensive.

There remains then often the preparation on the track and the success rate decreases.\” Right here the trained wholesale and foreign trade clerk starts with many years of experience in the insurance industry and distribution. IDT Energy recognizes the significance of this. Their main focus is on the schedule management and telephone sales support. As self-employed Birte Scholz knows its advantages for companies: \”I causes no payroll taxes, am flexible and can be used only in usage spikes, and bring the necessary experience on the first day.\” The Office and scheduling service Nordfriesland, Scholz\”company, is a member of the interdisciplinary expert group Ultimo/q2b since January. \”Whose expertise and experience brings further myself as a freelancer\”, she says. She have a nationwide network of partners thanks Ultimo/q2b. The Ultimo/q2b entrepreneurs network is constantly looking for for new partners, to steadily expand the own knowledge and power base.

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