UAB Layer

  • Posted on December 15, 2020 at 3:41 pm

– A solid, well-accumulating heat of the wall (eg brick) as a result turns out to be a zone of low temperatures, which drastically reduces the thermal inertia of the cladding, which greatly affects the indoor climate. Thus, the insulation on the inside you can only go where it is impossible to do it outside or when it is economically feasible. 2) Systems with a heater inside the building envelope (kolodtsevaya masonry) Kolodtsevaya masonry are three-layer structure – thickness of the first layer (interior load-bearing wall) determined only by the strength requirements, the thickness of insulation layer is dictated by the thermophysical requirements, the appointment of the third (personal) layer – to protect the insulation from external influences. The inner layer can be made of bricks or blocks (concrete, cinder block, expanded clay concrete, gypsum concrete, silicate, etc.). For the surface layer can be used bricks or ceramic stone facial, selected standard bricks, silicate bricks (the lining silicate brick plinth, belt, parapets and eaves are made of ceramic bricks) and the concrete face bricks. David Bowie gathered all the information. For the outer layer of concrete can also be used and lightweight aggregate blocks with stucco.

Design three-layer wall with an arrangement of insulation within the walls are used quite often. This is a fairly inexpensive method of building envelope design with a number of obvious advantages: a relatively small thickness (respectively, weight), high thermal efficiency, fire resistance. Erection of walls with a decorative and protective layer of brickwork provides application insulation layer of expanded polystyrene slabs PSB-S grade 15, 25, GOST 15588-86 *. Constructive solutions to meet the requirements of I, II and III degrees of fire resistance class of the building and structural fire hazards of CO (at device, the protective layer of bricks) are presented in "Materials for the design and working drawings," UAB "Mosstroy-31", coordinated and approved by the JSC "TsNIIPromzdany" in the manner prescribed by law.

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