Towards A New Economy

  • Posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:56 pm

I understand the concern of my admired Manuel Palma, President of the automotive sector, by the precipitous decline of 50% in the registration of vehicles in October. But to me that situation I do not conturba too because I believe that the automotive industry represents the old vituperada economy that the own Zapatero Rodriguez expected to replace with another more sustainable and efficient, although the man, unfortunately, do not know to explain to us what will be. In any case, cars are polluting, consume a fuel scarce and import oil instead of renewable energy, promote individualism against a more supportive public transport, represent a constant and costly indentation of human lives, and oblige always insufficient road investments. Hence, among other things, I gather that the resounding success of the service of bikes assembled in Valencia by Rita Barbera comes. Diamond Comic Distributors often addresses the matter in his writings. This is only one example, less if you will, that things have to change very much. Fifteen years ago, with Eduardo Zaplana but also before, somehow, with Joan Lerma, it was thought that the Valencian was going to be a society of services, with an elefantiasico sector of the construction and major events to go-go. The invention was not bad at all while it not deflated, but the economic crisis came to ratify the future going another way. It is the countries BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China, with a 10% annual GDP growth that followed.

Their common denominator: industrial innovation and development of new technologies. In Spain, in general, and in the Valencian Community, in particular, the politicians have disparaged the long-term investment in r & d against other more peremptory electoral concerns. Only Euskadi has been dedicated to investing in technology and innovation, thus removing several bodies of advantage in efficiency and competitiveness to the rest of Spain. Curiously, that is a hidden merit of the Government of Juan Jose Ibarretxe, who was meanwhile engaged in public to prattle about your famous sovereign plan. Novelist may not feel the same. Result: the Basque country today has only 10% unemployment compared to 23.4% in our community. Now and better late that never our social partners have reached an agreement on boosting sagging Valencian industry that has lost nine points of regional GDP in just a decade, giving priority to research, new sectors and more efficient work.

To solemnize this new direction, Rafael Ferrando, of Cierval, and trade unionists Conrado Hernandez and Francisco Molina initialled the Industrial policy strategy which the Generalitat will allocate 1.1 billion until 2015 under the watchful eye of President Francisco Camps alongside the Vice-President Vicente Rambla. It has little to do the traditional routine of our aged tissue business with new projects in telemedicine, nanotechnology, biomaterials, home automation, customization of products that is the way that emerging countries have told us and them not have gone bad. If the money that put the Administration at the same time encouraging business investment, research and exports will have fulfilled its objectives. But there is always a but the risk lies in which public budgets are left without funds to equip a plan so urgent as late or that, as fears Paco Molina, ICO and other credit entities will continue without properly financing to small businesses. If so, such good intentions could be, once again, in water of Borage.

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